About the Book


A Tale of Tauma, Treatment, and Recovery in Rhyme



A child on the playground. A quick tumble. A trip to the emergency room.

Educating without intimidating, and entertaining without understanding, DareBone's Big Break helps parents and their childredn navigate this unexpected experience with poetry, great humor, and medical accuracy.


Readers join the adventurous and often clumsy DareBones as he endures his first major injury; a broken elbow. With his wise-cracking sidekick, Wag-A-Bone, narrating along the way, DareBone meets many medical heroes, including orthopedic surgeon, Dr. WonderBone, who guides our hero as he journeys through surgery and recovery.


DareBone's Big Break educates readers and parents about this common childhood injury as an informative story with entertaining rhyme that they'll reach for again and again.



DareBone's Big Break is the first of several books from Gleeson Rebello, MD and Jamie Harisiades that will combine entertaining rhyme and accurate medical information aimed at educating readers and parents on common childhood conditions like allergy, autism, asthma, and obesity.

DareBone’s Big Break, Published June, 2013
Interior and Cover Illustrations: Randy Jennings
Interior Layout: Howard Communigrafix, Inc.
Editorial and Proofreading: Eden Rivers Editorial Services
Photo Credits: T. Spoon Photography